Lördag 30 juni 14:00-15:00: The Power of Self-Compassion, Vulnerability and Gratitude
During this workshop we inquire into self-compassion and gratitude from a state of vulnerability; What does it mean to have self-compassion? How can you access gratitude and compassion more easily? And how does this affect you in your everyday life? We use inquiry, guided meditation, sharing, and self-exploration to access and anchor in our hearts. Together we tap into the qualities of gratitude and self-compassion, awakening and expanding the capacity for vulnerability and unconditional regard.

In this workshop, we use easy-to-do practices to shift our inner state. We focus on embodiement to navigate the explorations, based in the first-person experience. The body is used as a resource to recognize and anchor the qualities and effects of practicing gratitude and compassion. The gifts of appreciation and the transformative powers of loving kindness are available to us all!

About Jahanavi Schriefer
Jahanavi holds a master’s degree in communication and a master’s degree in human rights. She has a background of working with change management and embodied leadership in the business sector. Jahanavi offers workshops and works with individuals, specializing in coaching clients living with challenges and chronic pain. She has studied courses in compassion and written several research papers at the university on the role of compassion. Jahanavi is a life-long student of awakening to the heart. She loves to facilitate a transformative space and to offer tools for increased wellbeing and quality of life.

Her personal journey to discover the power of self-compassion was intensely refueled in her early twenties as she was hit by a car. The incident resulted in a spiral of untreatable widespread chronic neurological pain and illness unfolding. Jahanavi has used these experiences for more than 15 years as an ongoing catalyst to expand her capacity to meet challenges in life from a heart-anchored state. She says, “For me, self-compassion is an instant gateway into complete freedom where wellbeing is always available and never circumstantial. Compassion has been my trusted companion that always comes through whenever I show up and apply it. As with anything else, the more you do something, the easier it gets!”